fade in awards

Compete in seven categories & four formats to win! (Screenplay / Teleplay / Short Film / Web Series)

  • SCI FI

The Fade In Awards were established in 1996 to assist talented new writers and writer/directors with getting recognized within the Hollywood community in order to begin a career as a working filmmaker.

In the last 20 years, the competition has done just that:

$15,000 IN PRIZES!


 Dell laptop, $5,000, winning project sent to Hollywood agents, managers & producers.

FIRST PRIZE (in each category):

$1000, script analysis by WGA writer, Waterman fountain pen, winning project marketed to Hollywood agents, managers & producers.

Winners will appear in Fade In, along with press releases to the trades.

Early Bird Deadline

October 31, 2016

Regular Deadline

November 30, 2016

Final Deadline

January 31, 2017


  • Frank Darabont
  • Steven de Souza
  • Scott Frank
  • James Gray
  • Nicholas Kazan
  • Scott Rosenberg
  • Eric Roth
  • David O. Russell
  • Ed Solomon
  • Robin Swicord
  • *Not the competition's judges.

19th Annual Fade In Awards Semi-Finalists

  • Semi-finalists
  • Abracadabra by Craig Paulsen
  • Adventures in Babymaking by Jack Messitt
  • Afraid of Sunlight by Andy Schatner
  • Arcadia League by Ari Dassa
  • Artifice by Bryce Hammons
  • Back Pages by Robert Brenner
  • Binnacle by Allen Schubert
  • Blind Spot by Graham Parke
  • Boomerang the Great by Ana R. Dominick
  • Borrowed Time by Jimmy Karlsson
  • Break Room by Marissa Macy and Keith Charba
  • Broken by Emily Ruth Verona
  • Change of Venue, the Condition by Charles Laulette
  • Circumnavigatrix by Jack Wibbe
  • Cloud Control by Paul Camillos
  • Countdown by Michael Musumeci
  • Dark Matter by Olga Holtz
  • Deep Trouble by Ward Edmondson
  • Do No Harm by Jeff Shelvowitz
  • Eddie Bell by Jean Blasiar
  • Foreclosed by Alexandra Swensen
  • Harlow's Plague by Myriam Roelli
  • Heavier Than Air by Bill Levinson
  • Henry's Amazing Machine by Dayle Dodd
  • John Reese and the Legacy of the Emperor by Lance Money
  • Jolt by Don Perez
  • King of Hot Springs by Dana Deere
  • King of Skagway by Joe Wolff
  • Kingwood by Gus Avila
  • Knock Knock by Jeff Betancourt
  • Lomax & Leadbelly by Eric Rawson
  • Marauder by Bryce Hammons
  • Mecha by Jonathan Stevenson
  • Monteggia Fracture by Jack Wibbe
  • Mt. Clement by Randy Hines
  • Paradise Club by Olga Rojer and John McCaslin
  • Pledge by Anoushka Wilson
  • Promised Land by Alexander Hendrie
  • Rusty Cannon by Charles Jessen
  • Siberia by Rob Burke
  • SkyBurner by David E. Baugnon
  • Slow Burn by Lloyd DSouza
  • Smart Phone by Scott Thompson
  • Spin the Geek by Dan Reheuser
  • Stat Dad by Charles Laulette
  • Stupid Money by Mike Corey
  • Suicide 21 by Greg Wayne
  • SuperKill Theatre Presents by Thomas Manning
  • Sweet Anita Mine by Peggy Hicks
  • The $3,000 Dog by Larry Anderson
  • The Bastard by Tony Schweikle
  • The Bearer of Bad News by David Minaskanian
  • The Cleaning Fairy by Gabriel de Varona
  • The Contractor by Mark McQuown
  • The Crazed Method by Bille Anthony Sinclair
  • The Day It Rained Sidneys by Gerald Westreich
  • The Devils Hammer by Craig Walendziak
  • The Docks by John McGuire
  • The Emancipation of Annabel Sanchez by Eric Rawson
  • The Exorcism Diaries by Scott McCullogh
  • The Father by Nick Anno
  • The Gravity Spot by Tom Seidman
  • The Great Divide by Stacy McCrory
  • The Judgement of Parrish by Mark Ching
  • The Kid from Brooklyn by John McGuire
  • The Landing by Josh Tanner
  • The Lot by Joe Crededio
  • The Mona Lisa Smile by Madusha Katuwandeiniya
  • The Road to Bodash by Joshua Golding
  • The Sleeping House by Suzanne Griffin
  • The Wind Riders by Jeffrey Ryback
  • Three Story House by Denis Cutro
  • Traumatized by Kris Lippert
  • Troublemaker by Stefan Carow
  • Year 73 by Jeff Shelvowitz

19th Annual Fade In Awards Quarter Finalists

18th Annual Fade In Awards Finalists

18th Annual Fade In Awards Semi Finalists

18th Annual Fade In Awards Quarter Finalists

17th Annual Fade In Awards Finalists

17th Annual Fade In Awards Semi Finalists

17th Annual Fade In Awards Quarter Finalists

16th Annual Fade In Awards Finalists